Settlement Services

Youth Programs

The AWO youth program is mandated to assist youth in all aspects of adaption and integration into Canadian society through culturally-competent and linguistically appropriate services and programs. We provide services that are innovative and responsive to newcomer youth needs. Our program works to engage youth and provide services that are creative and welcoming.

  • The AWO Youth Program serves all Afghan Youth ages 14-29 that live in Toronto and peel region
  • We work in collaboration with families, and other organizations to address the needs of newcomer youth

Program Goals & Values

  • To help youth cope with culture shock and integration
  • To minimize the multiple barriers that newcomer youth face in the Canadian society
  • To reach out to youth at risk and hard to reach newcomer youth
  • To provide supportive and solution-focused counselling to newcomer youth.
  • To decrease social isolation and marginalization of youth by encouraging them to participate in the wider community
  • To encourage youth to learn about the essence of their culture, language, and heritage
  • To assist youth to take on leadership roles and develop the essential skills to take leadership roles

Our Services For Youth

  • Settlement services
  • Counselling
  • Skills development workshops
  • Anger Management & Conflict resolution Sessions
  • Mentorship
  • Social and recreational events
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Volunteer opportunities for community hours

Homework Club

The term “Homework Club” refers to many different kinds of volunteer-based, outside the classroom homework support for students. Afghan Women’s Organization runs a Homework Club for kids in two different locations Toronto and Mississauga by our dedicated volunteers. The program goal is to assist newcomer children with their homework to achieve higher marks for related subjects and gain better credits.

We ensure that every child receives individual assistance based on their needs to complete homework and assignments in timely manner. We also provide an opportunity for children to work together and provide encouragement and support each other. AWO’s Homework Club is well-received by participants.

For more information regarding the day and time of Homework Club please call us at (416) 422-2225 (Toronto), and (905) 279-3679 (Mississauga).