Refugee Stories

January 20, 2021 1:10 pm

Reimagining Life on the Canadian Canvas: Digital Stories

As part of Canada 150 celebrations, the AWO, with generous funding from the Government of Canada, created a series of digital stories highlighting the lives and experiences of people who have come to Canada as refugees.  The storytellers were asked what they felt Canada has given to them and what they have given to Canada. The resulting stories illuminate the diversity of experiences and challenges this group of Canadians have faced and the possibilities for love, growth, and happiness in a new country.

We invite you to view the stories for yourself. To watch the Allplay version of the stories, click here. To watch individual stories, click here.



If you would like the storytellers to be part of your event, please contact us at:

These digital stories were produced by StoryCentre Canada

Funded by the Government of Canada. Financé par le gouvernement du Canada.